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Landmark Trees in Roydon

Roydon parish is bounded to the west and north by the rivers Lee and Stort and its characteristic countryside tree is the native Black (or Water) poplar. The village benefits from many fine trees, in gardens and in the churchyard. For the story of Roydon's trees see the Roydon Community Tree Strategy.

Roydon has many veteran trees, willow and poplars predominate in the valleys and oak on the raised ground. Blind Lane is a notable stretch of footpath, cleared and surveyed by volunteers, with no less than 25 veterans in a 750m stretch. Roydon veteran trees.

Roydon parish, in 1996, was the first to complete a full Landmark Tree project for the parish as a whole. The work was led by the village's tree wardens, with support from Roydon Countrycare, Roydon Parish Council, Epping Forest Countrycare and the District council's Trees and Landscape team. The winning trees are situated across the parish: the school and church are both represented and a variety of notable trees in gardens. The winners also include several of the rare female native Black Poplars; one of these at East End Farm went on to be a winner in the Tree Council's search for the most important trees across the country as a whole. The project is commemorated on a mounted map on display in the Civic Offices.

A recent independent report for the District Council, commissioned from Sharon Hosegood Associates, found that the great majority were still present, in good condition, and valued by their owners. A few have died, or become rotten, and had to be removed. This includes the large horse chestnut on the village green, which was the focus of tree dressing by the school in the early 1990's. Happily it has been replaced by a London plane, now growing well.

If you have a suggestion for a tree which should be a landmark tree, to replace those lost, then please use the login below

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