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Projects & Organisations
Local Nature Reserves
Local nature reserves in the Epping Forest District where you can see interesting trees.

Countrycare works closely with young people. Here are a number of projects undertaken with local schools across the Epping Forest District with trees as an inspiration.

Trees and Art
Local artists, art clubs and societies in the Epping Forest District

Trees and Photography
Trees have inspired many a photographer. Here are a series of pictures that have been sent to us here at Favourite Trees. Please send us pictures of trees that are special to you.

Favourite Views
Trees in their environment, streets, woodlands, or smallgroups of
trees growing together as a family. Please send in your favourite
views - see contact us

Champion Trees of the Epping Forest District
As part of the ancient tree hunt for the Epping Forest District we are recording the details of as many of our special trees as possible. As we do so we are getting an idea of the biggest or the "champion trees" for the District. Here are a list of the biggest trees we have found so far. Do you know of a bigger tree or a species we have not yet recorded? Please let us know.

Veteran Trees
Veteran trees of Epping Forest District

Epping Forest Tree Wardens

Tree Wardens Branch Out!
Here are selection of favourites tree discoveries from around the world. Send us your favourite trees from home or abroad.


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