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Special Trees in Loughton

Finding Special Trees in Loughton is part of the Loughton Community Tree Strategy action plan, a partnership project between the town's tree wardens, Loughton Town Council and Epping Forest District Council.

Loughton has developed beside one of Europe's great woodlands - Epping Forest. The town is distinguished by many fine trees, often planted to give structure to large gardens duing the 19th Century. The many open spaces contain numerous veteran oaks; these once grew in the surrounding fields and were deliberately kept to be part of the fabric of Loughton. For the story of Loughton's trees, see Loughton's Community Tree Strategy.

The district wide 50 Favourite Trees project in 2008 found no fewer than four winners in Loughton parish.

The Loughton Veteran Tree hunt is progessing well. We are finding veteran and ancient trees across the town in gardens and fields as well as in the open spaces.

Now we want to find and record all those trees special to Loughton. We have some suggestions, a few of which you can see below, but now we need more! Send us a photo of your special tree, with the reason you care about it, and it could become one of Special Trees in Loughton.

This fine chestnut tree in Loughton High Street is one of the District's 50 Favourite Trees.

A now rare veteran elm, a survivor of Dutch Elm disease in Wellfields, Loughton.

A swamp cypress on York Hill, Loughton.
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