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Favourite Trees of Epping Forest and Harlow District

Tree Statistics

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4345 trees recorded.
6698 pictures associated with them.
2 Conservation trees recorded.
7 Heritage trees recorded.
17 Landmark trees recorded.
51 Ancient trees recorded.
0 Flagship trees recorded.
3204 Veteran trees recorded.
Other trees 1064
There are 4082 recorded in Epping.
There are 261 recorded in Harlow.
There are 2 recorded in Brentwood.

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Favourite Tree book
The Favourite Trees Book
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Woodland Trust Ancient Trees Guide
Woodland Trust Ancient Trees Guide available here as a PDF to download.
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4345 Trees Now Recorded

Welcome to Epping Forest and Harlow District Council’s Favourite Trees. On this site you will find a whole range of information about our special tree heritage and how people have been inspired to conserve and protect it.

There, is the story of the 50 Favourite Trees project. A lottery funded grant that got this whole project started back in March 2006.

There is a huge ever expanding pictorial data base which contains the pictures and details of thousands of ancient and veteran trees that we have recorded across the district as part of the Epping Forest and Harlow Veteran Tree Hunt. There are also video snippets of schools and educational projects we have undertaken as well as information on the district’s Local Nature Reserves and Tree Warden Group. This website has many cross links with Epping Forest District Council’s Countryside Service - Countrycare who have been largely responsible for the content of this site and have organised the veteran tree hunt and 50 favourite trees project.  

In May 2007, Favourite Trees expanded as Harlow Council joined. They too are recording their special trees within the pictorial database. See Harlow...

Fifty Great British Trees by Alan Burgess at the Gibberd Gallery, Harlow more...





As well as funding survey work, a GreenArc grant also enabled us to run an educational outreach project with local schools focusing on art, photography and ancient tree recording. See schools...

The grant also allowed us to produce a book of the favourite trees project and the veteran tree hunt. See Favourite Trees book...

Please return as the site expands and we make new discoveries.

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Education page showing school images
Local nature reserves Epping District Council page
The GreenArc book of Favourite Trees

This new book has been produced as part of the GreenArc project and contains 140 pages of facts and photographs of some of the trees to be found in the Epping Forest district.

Learn more...

GreenArc Schools Project

The school project was a great success and will hopefully lead to a greater relationship with EFDC and local schools.

Learn more...

Local Nature Reserves

There are nine LNR's in the Epping Forest District. These contain an abundance of different tree species and wildlife.

Learn more...

Softpower Veteran trees in Epping

Loughton Community Tree Strategy

Download (11mb) the 104pp PDF book for iPad or computer here...


Friday 16th May 2008, featuring Favourite Trees...

Veteran Tree Survey

With now over 4,000 trees recorded and still growing...

Tree values image of Plane tree in Epping town Ongar Tree Strategy Cover Picture Image of Black Poplar Heritage Tree in Roydon link to page

New Process For Valuing Our Special Trees

Pioneered by Chris Neilan of EFDC this will be a help to insurance claims... details to follow soon.

The Ongar Tree Strategy

Recently published this A4 document is available as a PDF to download (5mb)...

Rare Trees in Epping District

Black Poplars and Wild Service trees are amongst the rare species in our district...

We still want you to nominate your favourite trees, even though the competition is closed

Nominations are still wanted for your favourite trees so continue to register your trees when ever you wish. Although these will no longer be eligable for the competition they will still be published on this web site to ensure that it continues to grow and attract attention.

To enter your nomination online now, register here...

If you are already registered and wish to add more trees please login with your details

For more details contact Epping Forest Countrycare: 01992 788203.

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